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Concession Trailers For Sale

Our food concession trailers and concession trucks are known throughout North America. Because we can custom make concession trailers to your exact specifications, you can rest assured knowing you can market your food truck business so it is completely unique – we can build your concession trailer to look different from any other concession trailer on the streets. Not only that, but we make our custom concession trucks and food trailers to meet health requirements in your specific area. As a leader in the concession trailer manufacturing industry, we have plenty of experience building units to meet specific health requirements, so no matter what the requirement, we’ll build your concession trailer so you’re ready to hit the streets.

Whether you’re selling hot dogs, crepes, ice cream or any type of food on the go, we will work with you to provide all the amenities and specifications you require from your catering truck or concession trailer.

For more information, view our website specific to concession trailers - Apollo Concession Trailers

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